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Terminal Touch-screen 5,7" 256 colors

TD 320

HMI with soft-PLC. External modules MCM260 or other Modbus devices (controllers-actuators-sensors) connected via RS485 or RS232 are required as I/O modules.
Development environments PLprog and TDdesigner allow to program both the logic by ladder diagram as well the graphics. Memory Cards are available to download firmware and programs, enabling also the upgrade of devices already installed.

Ordering codes

TD320-AD: HMI 5,7" with soft-plc + 3 serial portsRS232/RS485/RS422

Main features

Box: 204x170 (front panel) x 48
Power supply: 12...24Vac/Vdc ±15% 50/60 Hz
Consumption: 10W
Display: Display LCD STN 5,7" - 256 Colours, integrated Touch-screen, (lifetime typ. 30000h @25°C)
Operating conditions: Temperature 0-45 °C, humidity 35..95 uR%
Material: Front panel: aluminium with polycarbonate coverage; Box: chromed steel
Weight: Approx. 1430 gr
Sealing: IP54 (Front panel) , IP20 (Box and Terminal bloks)
Quick set-up options: SLOT Memory Card (MMC) for program download (Ladder+graphics)
Expansions: modules MCM260-1/2/3/4/5 or other Modbus devices


Digitals: 8 Inputs for external contacts on connector 25poles


Digital: 1 General alarm output
Serial ports: 1 Programming / Communication port with RS232 interface, 1 communication port with RS485/RS422 interface, galvanic insulation, 1 communication port with RS232/RS485 interface

Software features

Operating logic functioning: PLprog software for Ladder diagrams; 10Kword variables VW, 800 marker (logic relays), 128 bistables, 128 timer 16 bit, 64 up-down counters, mathematic and logic functions, rescale function, contact on bit
Graphic interface programming: Software TDdesigner
Communication protocols: Modbus RTU Master / slave; Free-Port mode for Modem protocols or proprietary devices
Memory: 384Kbyte Flash for programming, 20Kbyte non-volatile Ram (6 months), 62Kbyte EEprom
Clock : Real-Time clock, Back-up battery
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