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DigBee 2

DigBee 2

NEW WIRELESS NETWORK DigBee2 wireless network protocol ZigBee and GATEWAY can use the immense potential of industrial protocol MODBUS.
The system DigBee2 includes the numerous sensors and actuators measures of physical parameters of ZigBee wireless system, ideal for building automation and industrial processes, especially for the monitoring, measurement and control of energy in buildings, or for the monitoring and traceability of all equipment at a controlled temperature (even in the HACCP). The DigBee2 is also widely used in the HVAC industry, thanks to the wide range of devices for temperature, temperature and humidity or thermostats wireless control systems heating / cooling.
Thanks to the Gatewaye, the wireless sensors and actuators DigBee2 of Digitron, can be connected to a PC using interfaces such as RS232, RS485, USB or Ethernet and MODBUS RTU / TCP. Data collected from the network can be processed with SCADA (Supervisory, Control And Data Acquisition) or BMS (Building Management System) and you can also connect the PLC logic for automatic control.
To keep the system as open as possible we have developed a Modbus Bridge DigBee2, this allows you to connect to a third-party Modbus Modbus Master through the wireless network DigBee2, using the Bridge and Gateway.
In the following pages you will find a comprehensive overview of the many components of the new system Digbee2