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Software HMI

Software HMI

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La Digitron Italia is an Italian Company that offers SCADA/HMI solutions; our SCADA software is easy to use, flexible and low cost; our clients are system integrators, electrical installers, manufacturers and production managers. A free SCADA version is available for download.
Our mission is to offer SCADA solutions for industry and building automation. In a market that becomes more and more demanding, our winning arms are a range of products with a high technological content at a very competitive price and a prompt, accurate and efficient technical support.

Products SCADA/HMI

Software package for SCADA/HMI applications with web support, OPC client and a wide library of communication drivers and protocols for most PLCs (Siemens, Omron, Allen Bradley, Modbus, etc.); includes a series of isolated serial converters (from RS232, USB, Ethernet to RS485 or RS422) and adapters (from USB to MPI and PPI).

a series of “touch screen” Panel PCs for HMI applications; includes special Winlog Pro SCADA software licenses for development and execution of applications running on PClog Panel PCs.

distributed data acquisition system; includes a series of I/O modules (SS3000 series) and special Winlog Pro SCADA software licenses for development and execution of applications based on SS3000 I/O modules.


  • data acquisition
  • remote control of public utility networks
  • plant supervision
  • control of quality and production data
  • building automation

Combining the SCADA software with modules for I / O can be used to provide integrated hardware/software solutions for supervision of industrial plants, for acquisition and processing of production data, for quality control of production and storage processes, for remote control of public utility networks or for building automation.

Thanks to the specific know-how gained in various industrial sectors (textile, plastic, food industry, ceramics, etc.) and in building automation we are ready to support our customers understanding their problems, providing the proper solutions, checking their projects, always giving a prompt and accurate answer to any request.