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Energy Management e Smart Grid


The GridVis software is part of the standard package supplied with every UMG universal measuring instrument.
This software can be used to present the measurement values as actual values online and a graphic presentation of the values read from the measurement value memory is possible.
The topology overview guarantees a quick overview of the complete electricity network. The GridVis software also serves the purpose of parameterisation of the measurement instruments. Furthermore, the creation of customer-specific programs is possible using our own developed program language, Jasic®, or the user-friendly graphic programming periphery.


Software for grid visualisation

The GridVis programming and grid visualisation software, which is part of every UMG universal measuring instrument standard delivery package, enables a simple and complete parameterisation of the device.
Customer specific visualisation of the energy supply is possible with the topology view. The individual measurement instrument can also be operated online using the mouse. Measurement data can be directly recorded on the PC using the online presentation. Furthermore, the GridVis offers convenient opportunities for presentation and analysis of historical data from the database. The automatic ring buffer down load and integrated data management has a particularly positive effect in medium and large sized projects as data can be stored in various database formats. User programs can be freely programmed with the graphic programming.

The GridVis grid visualisation software enables the following:

  • Configuration of the measuring instruments

  • Graphic programming of user programs or programming with the Jasic® source code

  • Parameterisation, visualisation, data management and analysis

  • Applications

    The GridVis software has a multitude of applications:

    • The development of extensive energy management systems

    • Visualisation of energy supplies with the help of a topology view

    • Documentation of the power quality for freely definable period of time

    • Analysis of the causes of faults

    • Cost centre management i.e. simple and precise electricity cost calculation

    • Stabilisation of energy supply through the alarm function when limit values are exceeded e.g. overvoltage or short-term interruption

    • Improvement of power quality e.g. harmonic analysis for fault detection

    • Load profile analysis e.g. consumption prognosis for electricity contract negotiations

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