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Micro PLC

PLC 8+4 Inp. / 8+1 Out

PL 110

Powerful mini PLC, integrating sequential control and data processing on automatic machines or domotic applications, featuring also control of analogue variables and digital/analogue blocks.
A single device provides digital inputs and relay outputs, analogue inputs for NTC (-40...+125°C) and linear signals (1024 points) plus one analogue output (256 points). Serial communication is possible via two RS485 ports with baudrate up to 57000 baud.
Development environment PLprog is relying on Ladder programming with function blocks (contacts/coils) integrating countings, timings, PID control algorithms, motion control, mathematical and logical functions 16bit, check on words bit. Programming is made available on standard USB port.
Wiring is simplified by extractable terminal blocks. The device is ideal for for applications with low number of I/O, expandable by MCM260 modules whenever is required. The optional OLED graphic display allows to show some predefined pages with variables recalled by the program, as well as to visualize status of I/O, beside clock setting.

Ordering codes

PL110-1A : PLC 2 An.Inp. NTC-10K + 1 10Bit (0...10Volt) + 1 10Bit (0/4...20mA)+ 8 Inp. PNP + 8 relay Out 3A + 1 Out 0...10 Volt (8 bit)
PL110-2A : PLC 2 An.Inp. NTC-10K + 1 10Bit (0...10Volt) + 1 10Bit (0/4...20mA)+ 8 IInp. PNP + 8 relay Out 3A + 1 Out 0...10 Volt (8 bit) with optional Graphic LCD

Main features

Box : Standard DIN43880 108 x 90 x 64 (H) mm, Mounting clips DIN RAIL EN50022
Supply : 24Vac/Vdc ±15% 50/60 Hz
Consumption : 6W
Operating conditions : Temperature 0-45 °C, humidity35..95 uR%
Material : Noryl V0
Weight : ca.250 g
Sealing : IP20 Box
Terminal blocks : extractable


Analogue : An.1 0/4...20mA (1024 points); An.2 0...10Volt (1024 points); An.3 NTC-10K (-40...+125°C accuracy 0,5°C) + An.4 NTC-10K (-40...+125°C accuracy 0,5°C)
Digital : 8 PNP
Encoder inputs : 2 Encoder bidirectional (overlapped to 4 PNP inp.) 15 KHz / or 25KHz for single Encoder


Relays : 8 Out 2A/250Vac/30Vdc resistive load (cosφ=1) or 1A/250Vac/30Vdc inductive load (cosφ=0,4) 6A max total current (Q1...Q8)
Analogue : 1 0...10Volt (8 Bit/256 points)
Programming port : 1 USB type B
Serial ports : 2 RS485 on extractable terminal block ( max. 57600 Baud) galvanically isolated from supply and inputs (not between themselves)

Software features

Programming : Software PLprog, Ladder diagrams; 128 markers (logic relays), 32 bistables, 64 timers 16 bit, 16 up-down counters, mathematical and logic functions, range - rescale, bit contacts, 2 timed interrupts (min. 1 msec)
Scanning cycle : min. 2 msec
Communication protocols : Modbus RTU Master/Slave;Free-Port for Modem or proprietary devices
Memory : 64Kbyte Flash for programming, 350 word Ram retentive (accumulator, 6 months), 1000 word EEprom, internal MMC 13000 word data storage
Clock : Real-Time clock, Back-up battery
Control algorithms for analogue inputs : P, PI, PID, PD
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