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Micro PLC

Micro PLC "LINO"

LINO is a micro PLC small size but big in performance, ideal for command and control automation systems at low and medium complexity.

With multiple functions, LINO is effectively used in different fields: industrial, commercial and civil.

The Micro PLC LINO is ideal for applications where it is required to simultaneously control a limited number of digital signals (from photoelectric sensors, inductive lasers etc..) and analog signals (from pressure sensors, temperature, level, etc.. ) with the consequent opportunity to manage relay outputs capable of activating any type of external device.

The extreme flexibility provides to use touch-screen units and displays with keypad, allowing to monitor process parameters both locally and remotely via the retransmission serial interface, Ethernet and WiFi.


- Flexible, compact and freely configurable

- Expandable up to 7 expansions I / O

- GSM Module for sending SMS

- Memory Capacity: 320 FBDs, EEPROM

- integrated LCD graphic display

- Slot Lithium Ion battery to power the internal clock

- The Lino version with power supply 12...24Vdc, has 12 analog inputs 0 ... 10V, 2 current inputs/outputs 4 ... 20 mA.

- high-speed operation with 4 inputs and 2 outputs from 10 kHz

- Through the Modbus RTU can be connected to the Micro PLC LINO HMI operator panels, such as the SH-300 and HLX240

- Module for the Ethernet management via LAN, Internet or WiFi

- Programming language: Functional Blocks


- Home Automation
- Public automatic
- Managing small facilities
- Automation aqueducts and sewage systems

The operator interface SH-300 is an excellent solution for the management of small systems.

The display allows graphical and text programming, It gives a management extremely intuitive and through the keypad offers fast and precise operations.

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