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DigBee2: The new professional solution for monitoring temperature, humidity and physical parameters

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Wireless datalogger for humidity, temperature and dew point

For the monitoring parameters via smartphone

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Datalogger Umidity & Temperature WIFI R90 WiFi

R90 WIFI series temperature humidity data logger adopts WIFI communication which can realize real-time multi-point monitoring

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R90 GSM SMS Alarm Temperature Humidity Data Logger

GSM series is SMS alarm temperature humidity data logger with LCD display which can measure and record temperature and humidity

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Automatic Monitoring Wireless

HLX 2015 is a wireless system with fixed sensors that monitor temperature, humidity and closing of the refrigerator door automatic monitoring system of food safety.

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HLX-Monitoring Energy

Monitoring of electricity consumption of companies, hotels, government agencies, stores, supermarkets, charging stations for cars.

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