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PM Series - Pressure Meters

Series the PM range offers good performance at an affordable price

Specifically designed for engineers using twin tube connections, the PM range is ideal for soundness testing and setting up boiler differential gas pressures. Manufactured from tough ABS plastic, this water-resistant instrument is supplied with a rubber boot to provide added protection during routine use. It can be magnetically attached for ease of use, and the back lit LCD allows easy viewing of the display in poor light conditions

The PM series is a suitable replacement for the conventional U-tube, having a fast response coupled with high accuracy and at low cost.

Instruments are available with alternative pressure measurement units as factory set options or as a selectable option on the PM-80 which also incorporates a smoothing and min/max function.


Specifically developed to meet the performance and cost demands of today’s HVAC professional, the instruments’ feature:

  • Differential Input – 8mm tube connectors
  • Water Resistant (IP67 rated)
  • Rugged case with protective rubber boot
  • Magnetic attachment or tilt stand
  • Push button “Zero” and “Hold” features
  • Backlit Digital Display
  • Auto Power Off after 12 minutes
  • 0-130 mbar measurement
  • 0.01 resolution up to 19.99 mbar, then auto switches to 0.1 resolution
  • Measurement unit options (Selectable on the PM80)




OPERATING TEMPERATURE -10°C + 50°C/+14°F + 122°F (ambient)
BATTERY TYPE 2 tipo "AA" (supplied)
BATTERY LIFE Typically 200 hours
DISPLAY 12.7 mm/0.5” modello LCD
"Out" displayed
IP RATING Water resistant (IP67 as std with hose connected)
DIMENSIONS 155 x 67 x 40 mm / 6.1 x 2.6 x 1.6”
WEIGHT 180 gr / 6.4 oz (escluso guscio protettivo)
ACCURACY -10+50°C: 0.2% valore misurato +0.2% fs + 1 digit
RESOLUTION 0.01 fino a 19.99 mbar / auto-range 0.1 fino 130 mbar

PM-20 - mbar
PM-21 -Kpa
PM-22 -in/ H2O
PM-23 -mm/ H2O
PM-24 - in/Hg
PM-25 -mm/Hg
PM-26 -Psi
PM-80 -7 selectable units
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